Tips for Traveling with Toddlers

Traveling with toddlers is not the same as traveling with older kids. Toddlers have more needs, and as a parent, you will always be worried about their safety and comfort. Remember you will be with your toddler in the extended waiting area, move around to the check-up point, and they will be “squeezed” in one place for long hours. Well, to make sure you and your toddler are comfortable and enjoy the trip, here are tips to help you on your flight.

Choose an early morning departure.

One trick about these flights is that they are less crowded since most people prefer flying during the day. Also, in most cases, people take up these flights when they are already tired; hence, they want to nap throughout the flight. Well, you need to keep your baby sleeping most of the time, so they don’t get anxious or tired, right. Therefore, choose such a flight for your next trip.

Dress them comfortably

First off, the temperatures may change while flying, and you do not have time to access clothes to change your kid. Therefore, let your child wear layers of clothes that are neither too warm nor too light. Also, remember that the kid may want to access the bathroom when flying, and you need to ensure they can comfortably take off clothes when going to the toilet.

In this case, avoid clothes with multiple buttons or long zippers, mainly if your child always has difficulty going to the bathroom while in such garments. The clothes should be comfortable too so they can relax while on the plane.

Keep them entertained

You may be wondering how you can keep your baby entertained on a plane, right! It is easy since you can carry a toy that they like or that is new. Kids love new things and if they get a surprise present, be sure they will love it. However, make sure the toy does not cause distractions on the plane, considering some people may need quiet time to relax.


Traveling with toddlers can be hectic, but you will have an easy time with good preparation earlier. These are some tips you can employ when traveling with your little ones, mainly for first.